LIPA - Impressions of Polo in Liechtenstein

The LIPA was found in 2015 by Verena Tinkler. In December 2015 LIPA was accepted as a full member at the FIP's annual meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Verena Tinkler has been managing the only Polo Club in Liechtenstein since the year before and decided to found the association in order to have a proper umbrella organization.


LIPA's main tasks are to overview and regulate the polo sport in Liechtenstein and to give handicaps to the players and guest players of Liechtenstein. 

We are proud to have two women on the board of directors, Verena Tinkler and Susanna Jahn. Our handicap committee  consists as well as of 3 excellent female polo players: Giannina Ruta Paglietttini, Polina Nazarova and Maru Gimenez

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